Blue River

The Town of Blue River

The neighbor to the south of Breckenridge is the statutory town of Blue River, incorporated in 1964, aptly named for the 65 miles of Blue River that runs from Quandary Peak all the way to the Dillon Reservoir, and beyond, providing vital water to countless communities.  Home to approximately 850 residents, most of which live full-time in this beautiful valley.  

The Goose Pasture tarn that sits just minutes from Breckenridge, is a private, man-made reservoir for the exclusive use of residents.  In summer it's a hub for fishing, paddle boards, kayaks and canoes.  Winter brings the occasional ice skater or angler.  This precious amenity is highly protected, and a badge is required and often requested to be shown, as ownership and therefore right of use, in Blue River. 

To the south of the tarn are miles of lush wetlands, home to moose, a variety of ducks and birds.  Enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures from a safe distance.

The only 14er (14,000 ft mountain) in Summit County is Mount Quandary, the tallest mountain in the 10 Mile Mountain range that includes Breckenridge Ski Resort.  It's an elevation climb of 3,450 and a summit of 14,250.  It is classified as Very Difficult, and hikers should be well packed and prepared as snow on the summit even in summer is not uncommon, and hydration is key when tackling a 6-hour, 7-mile hike.

The Town of Blue River


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